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ISSUE #5, APRIL 1996

    "This issue we've devoted half of our news section to one single story - the defection of Japanese software house Squaresoft to the Playstation cause. 'But they make role-playing games!', I hear you wail. 'Who gives a toss?'

    Ah, but this is an important event for several reasons: first of all, it heightens Japanese awareness of the machine. Playstation has sold reasonably well in Japan, but the battle is far from over, and a new episode of the mighty Final Fantasy on Playstation will no doubt prompt gamers to buy Sony's machine over Nintendo's.

    Secondly, the Americans are also very keen on Japanese RPGs - adventures like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger - and this again guarantees Playstation sales.

    Thirdly, for one of the planet's biggest software houses to choose Playstation over its competitors is a fantastic endorsement of the hardware. And if you've never tried an RPG before, you never know, you just might enjoy it!"

    Steve Jarratt (Editor)


    Squaresoft joins Sony
    What makes a good videogame?
    Multiplayer gaming


    BLAM! Machinehead
    Die Hard Trilogy
    In the Hunt
    Jumping Flash 2
    Motor Toon GP 2
    Namco Museum Vol. 2
    NBA Live
    Sampras Extreme
    Top Gun


    Alien Trilogy
    "Smooth of movement, big of picture, and puzzly of action. Monsters, guns, and an adventure in the offing. Oh yes, you will enjoy Alien Trilogy."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Jupiter Strike
    "Jupiter Strike is a predictable polygon blaster, with precious little to recommend it. After all, do we really need another average shoot 'em up?"

    Magic Carpet
    "One of the most interesting and original games in the past couple of years. It's infuriatingly difficult but nevertheless drags you in until you're hooked."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Namco Museum Vol. 1
    "Greater than the sum of its parts. High novelty and interest value, but not recommended for those who have been brought up on the hi-tech likes of Doom and Tekken."

    Need For Speed
    "Not perfect but immensely enjoyable. It scores eight because the fun factor and sheer weight of content will keep you at the wheel for a long time."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Primal Rage
    "At best, Primal Rage is no more than a competent 2D beat 'em up. It's cleverly animated but lacks the sophistication of the major players."

    "Slick, like an extremely slick thing, with whopping big guns and plenty of wanton destruction. Good for relieving tension."
    7/10 (Starplayer award)

    Street Fighter Alpha
    "Capcom's decision to cling to established values is more than vindicated by what rates as the most comprehensive Playstation 2D beat 'em up to date."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Wing Commander III
    "A fantastic movie with great acting and plot - one which should be just that. But as for gameplay? There's not a lot of it for your money."

    World Cup Golf
    "World Cup Golf tackles 'the long walk ruined' (as Oscar Wilde would have it) capably but it doesn't really match its only rival PGA Tour in any department."

Top Secret

    Er...just Doom

On the Disc

    Assault Rigs (playable demo)
    Lone Soldier (playable demo)
    Mickey's Wild Adventure (playable demo)
    Thunderhawk 2 (playable demo)
    Total NBA '96 (playable demo)
    Actua Soccer (making of)


    - Namco Museum Vol. 1 seems a very odd choice of a coverstar, when they could have gone with something like Alien Trilogy or Street Fighter Alpha.
    - There's a lot of text to the Square stuff, but I think this is about the most appropriate thing I can quote: "Providing that Square can keep its usual high standards of storytelling and character involvement, then come December the Playstation might just have its biggest selling title to date." It also says that Secret of Mana will see a release, something that never happened (though Legend of Mana was released in Japan and the US).
    - What happened to the original Motor Toon GP? "...the game wasn't even deemed worthy of a PAL release (surprising, given some of the other crap we've had foisted upon us)."
    - Here's a part of BLAM! Machinehead's surreal plot: "...but Orville, sick as he is, decides to have some fun. Kimberley wakes up to find herself strapped on to the phallic cruise missile. Before destroying the Machinehead she has to complete Orville's own special missions."
    - A rather wayward prediction in the "What makes a good videogame?" feature: "It's estimated we'll hit broadcast resolution within 10 years [2006] - and possibly even sooner."
    - Although OPM would like you to think otherwise, they weren't above a dig at the Saturn. In the letters section they gave the following quote the big red text treatment: "Feel sorry for poor old Saturn owners - after Virtua Cop what do they have to look forward to?"
    - Page count: 100

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