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ISSUE #4, MARCH 1996

    "Although a paltry 179 words long, this opening editorial is getting harder and harder to write. I mean, I can't moan about the state of the market - Playstations are selling faster than binoculars on National Nude Supermodel Day.

    Likewise, the software just keeps getting better - witness the glories of F1 this very issue. And it's not as if we're stumped for variety: this month we've got a beat 'em up, a 3D blaster, two platformers, an action FMV game, a racer, a sport sim, a wargame, a graphic adventure, a scrolling shoot 'em up and a pinball game!

    I could pontificate on how they just don't make 'em like they used to - but with previews of Toshinden 2, Ridge Racer Revolution, Magic Carpet and some stunning games from German coder Neon, I'm bloody glad they don't!

    And just when I was going to whinge about the mag, someone tells me that we're already selling over 40,000 copies a month. So I guess the only thing for me to do is say thanks, and enjoy the issue!"

    Steve Jarratt (Editor)


    Motion Capture


    Battle Arena Toshinden 2
    Blazing Dragons
    Gunship 2000
    Horned Owl
    Magic Carpet
    Need For Speed
    Ocean line-up (Tunnel B1, Viper)
    Primal Rage
    Ridge Racer Revolution


    Creature Shock
    "An attempt to harness the power of FMV which falls between commendable and foolhardy. If only the action were less pre-determined..."

    "A smooth 3D engine put to good effect in a massive, puzzly, action-packed blaster. And there's even a head-to-head battle mode!"

    "We were prepared for the worst, but Gex is really quite good. Plenty of variety, some tricky tasks and a load of places to visit. Thumbs up."

    Johnny Bazookatone
    "It's hair-tearingly fiddly but includes enough clever levels and graphical touches to keep you smiling, albeit with a grimace. You won't finish it in a day, though."

    "Don't expect any white-knuckle spills or thrills, this is one for the thinker rather than to do-er. Deep gameplay, twisting plot, and pretty pictures. All very nice."

    NBA: In the Zone
    "In the Zone, while reasonably attractive and playable, does not compare favourably with Total NBA. Head-to-head, you have to go for the latter."

    Off-World Interceptor Extreme
    "Ultimately, Off-World's too frantic for those that enjoy racing and not detailed enough for shoot 'em up fans. Between two stools."

    Panzer General
    "As far as wargames go, this is as good as it gets. Its neat graphics and almost endless playability make Panzer General a must for history buffs."

    "A commendable attempt at a one-size-fits-all blaster, that unfortunately lacks structure and umph. Mind you, we'd love to see a Philosoma 2..."

    True Pinball
    "A cultured, realistic pinball simulation with multiball and video modes, True Pinball is flipping faster than lightning. You'll either like or ignore."

    Zero Divide
    "Good solid beat 'em up but without the thrills of Tekken. It lacks instant appeal, but rewards perseverance with some unique fighting action."

Top Secret

    Air Combat
    Battle Arena Toshinden
    Destruction Derby
    ESPN Extreme Games
    Lemmings 3D
    Mortal Kombat 3

On the Disc

    Warhawk (playable demo)
    Twisted Metal (playable demo)
    Defcon 5 (rolling demo)
    X-Com (rolling demo)


    - First mention of Squaresoft defecting to Playstation... "...the normally Nintendo-loyal company is considering writing adventures for the Playstation and Saturn, which is good news for Sony in Japan."
    - Despite a positive preview, Horned Owl never actually made it to PAL territories.
    - Nick Brown sent a letter to the magazine, clearly not getting the concept behind Devil Kazuya. "Did you know that when playing a one-player game of Tekken with Heihachi Mishima you get to fight Kazuya dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog as the end-of-game boss?"
    - Along with finished copies of Myst itself, Sony also sent 172 page player's guide for the game to magazines for review.
    - This is one of very few issues of OPM not to give out any Starplayer awards.
    - Page count: 100

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