Wednesday, 12 August 2009


    "Greetings! And welcome to the first edition of The Official Playstation Magazine. Not the snappiest title of all time, but factually correct if nothing else. Out close links with Sony Computer Entertainment mean that we have direct, mainline information on the hottest new Playstation titles. We won't be harping on about obscure games you can only buy in Japan (well, only a bit anyway). We're dedicated to supporting all the gamers that have bought UK Playstations - and to doing it better than anyone else. I reckon we're not far off.

    You may also have noticed a black thing taped to the mag. This is the first of our monthly demo CDs sporting a selection of demos, videos and pics for the Playstation. After all, it's okay reading about new games, but it's not the same as a bit of hands-on, is it?

    Feel happy; you have now entered the next generation."

    Steve Jarratt (Editor)


    The Biggest Hardware Launch of the Decade
    Made in Britain: Homegrown Videogames
    The A to Z of Gaming


    EA Sports line-up (FIFA Soccer '96, John Madden '96, NBA Live '96, NHL '96, PGA Tour '96)
    ESPN Extreme Sports
    Fade to Black
    Interplay line-up (Casper, Cyberia, Descent, Lost Vikings 2, Rock 'n' Roll Racing 2, VR Baseball '95, Waterworld)
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Spot Goes to Hollywood
    Starblade α
    Total NBA '96
    Twisted Metal
    WWF Wrestlemania


    Air Combat
    "In terms of excitement Air Combat is an A-class product but it doesn't deliver enough staying power. Its coin-op lineage is painfully apparent."

    Battle Arena Toshinden
    "A handsome 3D, weapon-wielding, rib-bruising, projectile-hurling, butt-kicking beat 'em up. An ideal introduction to the underworld of the polygon combat game."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Destruction Derby
    "This game succeeds in spite of itself. Glaring faults are forgiven as you bash your way around, the cars denting beyond recognition. Muted applause, please."

    "Discworld is a strange one for the Playstation and won't appeal to everyone. It's difficult, in a frustrating sense, but at least you won't finish it in one sitting."

    Jumping Flash
    "Jumping Flash is one of the new breed of games that only Playstation can do. It's a whole new gaming experience, so if you can afford it, jump at the chance!"
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Kileak the Blood
    "A game of two halves; commendable graphics and ambience, but lacking any of the variety, exhilaration or appeal of its inspiration. In short, duff."

    Lemmings 3D
    "Love it or hate it, Lemmings 3D is addictive and extremely playable. Not a showcase Playstation game, but a nice alternative to the norm."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
    "Boomshakalaka. Never has there been more hoola about hoops. NBA Jam is a rim-rocking, jamming basketball game. Forget the looks - enjoy the gameplay."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    Rapid Reload
    "Despite its innate simplicity, Rapid Reload triumphs in the 'Die, alien scum!' and 'Ha-haaa, got you!' sense. As for long-lasting appeal - forget it."

    "Fantastic to look at, challenging to play, quirky and cute - it has the makings of a perfect game. If only it wasn't so damn clumsy and frustrating."

    Ridge Racer
    "One of the most auspicious gaming debuts on any machine, ever. Namco's programmers are gods to whom you should sacrifice your cash, now."
    9/10 (Starplayer award)

    Street Fighter: The Movie
    "The might of the Street Fighter name isn't enough to save The Movie from being an also-ran in the beat 'em up stakes. The moves are here but the 'feel' has gone."

    Theme Park
    "A colourful yet complex management strategy game, Theme Park requires patience and concentrated effort. No quick fixes here."

    Total Eclipse
    "This had all the ingredients of a real classic; impressive imagery, full-on blasting action, and loads of levels. Unfortunately it came out half-baked and lacking spice."

    Ultimate Parodius Deluxe
    "Mad Japanese blasting fare - not to everyone's tastes but still a high-octane shoot 'em up. Enjoyable for a while, but the predictable action soon pales."

    "A gravity-defying, stomach-churning futuristic racing game. A little more in-yer-face passion would have been welcome, but it's still enormous fun."
    8/10 (Starplayer award)

    X-Com: Enemy Unknown
    "As a strategy game this is going to take some beating. If you feel like something a little less frantic and a little more thoughtful than the norm, this is the one to try."

On the Disc

    Discworld (playable demo)
    Lemmings 3D (playable demo)
    Novastorm (playable demo)
    Assault Rigs (rolling demo)
    Destruction Derby (rolling demo)
    Krazy Ivan (rolling demo)
    Wipeout (rolling demo)
    V-CD (graphics demo)


    - This issue is actually called "The Official Playstation Magazine". They didn't add the "UK" bit in until issue #2.
    - First mention of Tomb Raiders (note the "s") in the news section. "...what's more, it has a female lead stealing the limelight. And about time too, we murmur quietly."
    - Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) gets a mention in a Japanese column. "...Biohazard takes the theme of a bacterial disaster, a topic which was made very popular among the Japanese following the cracking Dustin Hoffman movie Outbreak. A crack STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) team are sent in to a sleepy mid-Western town to investigate a series of grisly murders. It is promptly attacked by massive killer dogs with a taste for blood and an apparent disregard for bullets. The remaining teamsters take refuge in a huge mansion and yes, you've guessed it, this is where the real action takes place. You control one of two agents (pilot/marksman or bomb specialist), and the game has two different plotlines depending who you choose. En route to safety, your character confronts huge snakes, spiders and a variety of zombies. The graphics look well tasty and hopes are high for something of a renaissance in Capcom's ailing fortunes."
    - Rollcage is also mentioned. This is notable as the game wasn't released until March 1999 - nearly three-and-a-half years later.
    - A very young Phil Harrison is shown is the news section, complete with hair.
    - Page count: 100


  1. If you are still here, im wondering if scanning the whole magazines is possible for you? I had issues from 16 Vol-1 to 13 vol-2 Which i destroyed. Good work on trivia(s)!

  2. Thanks for putting these up. Nearly 20 years ago, wow!

  3. I have first five discs!
    Are they worth anything?